Tired of paying outrageous prices to have a "professional" prepare your taxes? What exactly constitutes a professional? At Even Keel Tax I pride myself on my ability to prepare individual and self-employed taxes for a very fair price. I have years of experience handling all types of individual and small-business taxes, and I would love to earn your trust. There is NEVER a fee for a consultation so if you are not sure just call or email to schedule a meeting.

Starting Price:





                      Add ons:

$5 for each additional w2,

1099-G (unemployment)

SSA-1099 (if required on tax form), and other simple forms.


$20 for each additional 1098-T and/or college tuition tax benefits, claiming dependents

        Complicated Tax Returns:


Cost for more complicated tax returns (self-employment, rental property, etc) will be quoted in advance based upon how in-depth/unique your situation may be. 

My name is Steve Markwith, owner of Even Keel Tax. I served in the US Navy so the Even Keel name is a reference to my years as a sailor. You'll feel like you are in calm waters in my tax office. After my four years stationed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson I obtained a business degree from the University of Maine, and I have had plenty of life experience above and beyond all my tax training. I own rental properties, my wife and I own a local restaurant (Mad Kat and Company Bar & Grill), so I know from experience how to handle most anything on your personal taxes.


Before starting Even Keel Tax I worked as a tax preparer employee for 8 years, often in a busy office at a franchised tax company. I often stayed more than busy with the backing of a large corporation. Plenty of TV advertising and even a dedicated employee whose job was to wear a noticeable costume and to go wave at cars in years past. During my time working locally I learned much, and I saw many unique and complicated individual tax problems. I gained a tremendous amount of tax knowledge, and I continue to gain knowledge with each and every passing week. The learning never stops because the tax code continues to evolve.

I will always be grateful for my time spent working at other tax businesses because that is where I got my start. The first place for whom I worked went out of business, and the last place is still very much thriving. Their business model is lots of advertising, many gimmicks, and generally steep prices. I don't believe you should pay hundreds of dollars to have your taxes done if all you have is a job and two children. My price for such a tax return would be a mere fraction of that sum, and for that price you get someone who has knowledge and experience and who would be glad to guide you through any state or IRS issues (audit, etc) that might arise after your taxes are filed.

I will never disparage the big-box tax companies because they offer a product and service that I do not. If you need a refund-advance loan then I am not your guy. I also don't sell extended "guarantees" for an extra fee like some of the others do. I will treat you right and for a fair price. No gimmicks, and no add-on fees for things you don't need. Please call or email today for a quote and to schedule an appointment!


Our tax preparer Steve Markwith answered all of our questions. We saw him last year for the first time and we were treated so well we came back this year. He fit us in within a few days. I was nervous about having to pay the tax credit but Steve knows his stuff and we will be getting a refund. I was so relieved. I will most definitely go back to him next year.

Steve is amazing each year he works as hard as he can to get me the best return possible. He has a very friendly attitude and welcomes me with a smile.

I am a full time college student. He explained everything about the 1098T and how I was able to get the max refund back for school. He was very thoughtful and polite. Steve really knew his stuff. Very satisfied with the experience.


Steve is GREAT !!! Very helpful and professional!

Steve was very professional, helpful, knowledge, and presented an atmosphere that made me feel comfortable that he was giving me the best service.


Steve Markwith was great. He was precise, and spent a lot of time working on my specific tax situation (which is an abnormal situation)